Kathryn Williams
Kathryn Williams

Kathryn Williams

My name is Kathryn Williams. I recently received my certificate of completion from the Court Reporting Institute of Kansas City. I am 18 years old and a single mom.

Once being introduced to the court reporting profession by my step-mom, I learned of the numerous areas an education in court reporting could take me. During my research, I had talked to several people who had completed various court reporting programs and were still unable to pass the required exams. Needless to say, I knew what to look for in choosing a court reporting training program.

When I met with Irene Narvaez, the director of CRIKC, she and her staff spent a great deal of time explaining the program and how it differs from other schools by focusing on the most important aspects of court reporting. There are no extra classes or distractions, and each student can get through school at their own pace. I knew I had found the school that was right for me.

With a five-month old daughter, I enrolled in CRIKC. I quickly learned a conflict-free theory that focused on speed through the use of endless briefs and phrases. With a great deal of guidance from CRIKC and a tremendous desire to succeed, I completed my court reporting training in 13 months!

This experience, of course, has not been without its challenges. Being my age and being a single mom has not been easy, but it has more than paid off by having such a strong support system. I am now practicing at 240 words a minute, and I am looking forward to passing all of my state and national exams in spring 2006. Thanks to the guidance and caring people at CRIKC, I have skills that will last a lifetime and the self confidence of being able to support myself and my daughter with a great career. Thank you CRIKC!

photo: Kathryn Williams and her proud father.