Stenowave Information

Stenowave Information

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to introduce you to a unique and proven educational tool that can save you, the student, thousands of dollars in tuition, increase your productivity and better prepare you for real-life and testing situations. This innovative system is called the StenoWave Speedbuilding System.  The StenoWave System was created in 1996 and within 12 months produced its first court reporting graduate.  The StenoWave System soon became a part of 30 court reporting programs around the country.  This system proved itself in all court reporting education environments.

The StenoWave Speedbuilding System is designed for speed building students working at the speeds of 60 words per minute to 240 words per minute.  It allows all students the opportunity to work at their own unique speed.

StenoWave System is one of the largest tape libraries in the country.  StenoWave System is comprised of two components.

The first component is the user-friendly Internet speedbuilding program. This Internet program is easy to use and can be accessed 24/7.  Once enrolled, students will be given a password to access the program.  Students will be able to practice at a certain speed by telling the program what speed to play.  Wherever you have access to a high speed Internet site you will be able to participate.

The second component is the teaching materials and interaction with instructors. You are not alone.  Students will have access to working instructors day or night by email or telephone.  These instructors are working daily with in-house students but are available to assist our online students as well.  Throughout the course materials will be emailed or mailed to students to further assist them in their assignments.

Larry Narvaez, Owner
L & B Education, Inc.
d/b/a/ Oklahoma College of Court Reporting; Court Reporting Institute of Kansas City