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Stenowave Theory

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Welcome to StenoWave Theory
StenoWave™, a nationally recognized court reporting speedbuilding system, is pleased to announce a new addition to our court reporting educational tools: StenoWave™ Theory Online.

We have adapted our proven in-house theory curriculum to a unique and straightforward online program.

StenoWave™ Theory Online is an affordable, self-paced theory program that takes the beginning court reporting student through a simplified, less stroke-intensive approach to court reporting. Court reporting theory is the most important element of your court reporting education. This unique low-cost, self-paced program allows you, the student, to complete the course at your own pace in as little as 16 weeks.

The StenoWave™ system was first implemented at the Oklahoma College of Court Reporting (OCCR) in 1995 and later adopted by its sister school, the Court Reporting Institute of Kansas City (CRIKC). This is a unique and easy to use speedbuilding system designed to increase student and instructor productivity. It continues to provide a quality form of education for many court reporting schools around the country. To date, over 30 court reporting programs have purchased the StenoWave system for their school training needs.

The StenoWave™ Theory was developed by two National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) Certified Instructors at our Kansas City location. Many years went into creating this theory that is easy for the student to comprehend and complete.

StenoWave™ Theory Online is designed for beginning students to engage in a distinctive, high quality theory program that prepares you for our established, one-of-a-kind StenoWave™ Speedbuilding program.

We are proud of our exceptional and proven educational tools that can save you, the student thousands of dollars in tuition, increase your productivity and better prepare you for passing court reporting certification exams.

One of the most important choices in your life is the decision you are making about enrolling in this court reporting program. This high-tech career is in great demand. It offers flexibility, excellent pay and a chance to give back to your community by providing essential civic and communication services.

The creators of the StenoWave™ system of educational tools are dedicated to serving our students, our community, and the court reporting profession by offering the most unique and affordable education. We want our students to possess greater earning potential, independence, and a professional career that is in constant demand.